Tazz Enterprise is a family owned and operated company with its headquarters based in Sugar Land, TX. Tazz Enterprise has 3 main verticals of focus including real estate, technology, and investments. We have acquired and developed projects related to convenience/retail, hospitality, multifamily, ecommerce, service, and other investments. Our investment objective is to create a positive return and build a stable and diversified portfolio of assets.

Real Estate

Convenience, Hospitality, Retail, Land


Restaurants, Multifamily, Residential


Ecommerce, Software, Saas

Our Recent Projects


Customized for everyone.

The foundation of our business and desire to grow has stemmed from the service we provided to each and every customer, vendor, and partner from the day we began our first business in 1991. Since that time our operations have focused on providing an outstanding experience for everyone associated with our businesses. 


Efficient. Reliable. Experienced.

Whether you are our customer or a partner in our business, we aim to keep everything clear and transparent so you always feel comfortable to do business with us. We believe in an open line of communication and eagerness to amaze!


It’s all in the Details.

From new business deals, founding partners, team of experts, to an infrastructure built for growth, Tazz Enterprise is an organization made to cultivate growth and deep learning of business practices. We have built these resources over the years and are always looking to partner together to build upon new opportunities.

Meet the Team

The Tazz Enterprise Team brings together years of experience in development, innovation and service.  The team consists of highly motivated individuals who actively seek new opportunities to maximize growth.

Taz Momin

Taz founded this Company in 1980s with one goal in mind, build a network of connections and systems that create an Enterprise that can work together congruently. Since the onset of the company, Taz has worked hard to develop a brand that stands out over others. His previous experience as an entrepreneur helped him create a strong foundation that still resonates with the company. 

Favorite Quote: Just do it - Nike 

Zishan Momin

Zishan focuses on identifying investment opportunities and development projects that are consistent with the Company’s direction. He is a successful business owner who has an eye for high potential projects. His continuous efforts have landed some great wins for the Company. 

Favorite Quote: Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly. - John F. Kennedy

Akil Momin

Akil is the brains behind the systems. Akil’s innovative ideas are enabling the Company to diversify in the technological space and provide a service offering that is like no other. His enterprise-level software development projects have created endless opportunities for the Company. 

Favorite Quote: There’s a way to do it better - find it - Thomas Edison 

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