Together we can achieve more

Taz Momin

Taz founded this Company in 1980s with one goal in mind, build a network of connections and systems that create an Enterprise that can work together congruently. Since the onset of the company, Taz has worked hard to develop a brand that stands out over others. His previous experience as an entrepreneur helped him create a strong foundation that still resonates with the company. 

Favorite Quote: Just do it - Nike 

Zishan Momin

Zishan focuses on identifying investment opportunities and development projects that are consistent with the Company’s direction. He is a successful business owner who has an eye for high potential projects. His continuous efforts have landed some great wins for the Company. 

Favorite Quote: Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly. - John F. Kennedy

Akil Momin

Akil is the brains behind the systems. Akil’s innovative ideas are enabling the Company to diversify in the technological space and provide a service offering that is like no other. His enterprise-level software development projects have created endless opportunities for the Company. 

Favorite Quote: There’s a way to do it better - find it - Thomas Edison

Rozi Momin

Rozi takes lead on Operations. Through the development of custom software systems for management, Rozi has really taken this Company to the next level. She works alongside the Leadership Team to ensure a streamlined process is in place for all active and potential projects. 

Favorite Quote: Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships - Michael Jordan 

Sana Momin

Sana focuses on all special projects for Tazz Enterprises. As the Company stretches it’s bound to new limits, Sana manages the newly created verticals. Her creativity and ability to manage teams with diverse portfolios is essential for the Company. Sana’s efforts have enabled the Company to comfortably continue to expand its reach into new markets. 

Favorite Quote: Creativity is intelligence having fun  - Albert Einstein

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